Adverscriber Terms and Conditions

  • I have read and understand the benefits of being a LynnHappens “Adverscriber” and know that it is up to me to send LynnHappens any content for the included monthly sponsored post, calendar promotions and half-priced banner ads. (Help is available)
  • A sponsored post is published as an article in LynnHappens and shared on the LynnHappens facebook page. It will say, “sponsored” above content. LynnHappens will choose the most appropriate sponsored post “category” but all appears in main feed.
  • It is up to the adverscriber whether or not to use the one free sponsored post benefit each month. Unused sponsored post opportunities do not carry over to the next month. You may have your sponsored post publish any time of a given month you choose. If you would like more than one sponsored post in a given month, additional ones are available at $50 each (special adverscriber rate).